Mercy Health Glass City Marathon

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I’m proud to be a 2018 race ambassador for the first marathon I ever ran, the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon!  Always a fantastic race, flat and fast, and a special race for me and Alice, a our first marathon ever back in 2006.  Contact me with any questions about our hometown Toledo marathon, and I’ll see you there in April!


photo by Lori Law

I’ve gotten my best results and my marathon PR and BQs from Pete Pfitzinger’s 70mpw plan, with some trail 50ks thrown in as over-distance, but lately I’ve been doing about 30-50 miles per week year-round, on varied terrain and supplemented with lots of cross-training (elliptical, swim, bike, and weights), to spread the load around and deal with injuries and all, and see how that goes.  Anyone curious can check out my workout log on